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About Us

Founded in 1998 in Istanbul, Optimal Health Products Ltd. started its activities in the Medical sector as an importer and distributor of ophthalmic devices and instruments representing distinguished European and American manufacturers. Having mastered a good know-how about all kinds of ophthalmic products, Optimal has always tried to satisfy all kinds of demands from its customers both in Turkey and abroad. Within its first decade of operation, Optimal has decided to expand and diversify its activity fields to become additionally a major manufacturer of disposable sterile surgical drapes, gowns, accessories and packs in the Turkish market. With its well trained and experienced staff, the company has the ability of marketing professionally a full range of products and to offer its customers a good service and full satisfaction.

BlueDrape®:  The emerging quality brandname for Surgical Drapes, Gowns and Packs

Since 2007, Optimal has been manufacturing disposable sterile surgical drapes, gowns, accessories and packs according to the requirements of 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive and in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 standards. The main purpose of the company is to supply locally and worldwide, products manufactured under the BlueDrape brand, providing unrivalled quality, confidence and comfort for both patients and medical staff.

Moreover, in 2012, we started manufacturing of various ophthalmic disposable instruments. All our products have the EC certificate.

Our major aim for the near future is to improve the automation process in production in order to expand our customer portfolio with the addition of international companies, profiting from our advantage of location, ability to supply the demands in a very short period in the required standards. We currently supply our partners in North Africa, Middle East, and Europe both with BlueDrape® and OEM products and in the short-term we intend to increase our market share in those areas. Additional countries all over Europe, the neighboring Middle Eastern, Caucasus countries and Turkish Republics of Ex-USSR are our target markets in the long term. We do not limit ourselves with the above regions, we also have plans for overseas.

Our mission is:

·         To integrate customer- oriented approach in all business relations

·         To take a share in the markets of Europe, Middle East, Caucasus and Africa

·         To realize the production of disposable surgical drapes, gowns and packs most effectively

Our vision is:

  • To dominate our target markets both abroad and locally while constantly expanding our product range and adapting to specific needs by the use of improved and developed new materials.

Organizational Structure:

Today, all its 115 employees in the departments of manufacturing, marketing & sale, quality control, R&D, international trade, accounting and logistics strongly bond with the company’s mission. All business and manufacturing activities are conducted in its 2460 m ² manufacturing facility located in Istanbul, economic capital of Turkey. The branch office in Ankara provides governmental and administrative assistance as well as a marketing point for the local and neighboring areas.